Baton Rouge Bike Riding

Connor Crenshaw claims that Biking around Baton Rouge is growing more popular, and the warm weather and extended daylight hours make it a great time to go. Bike Baton Rouge, a bicycle advocacy organization, provides a thorough list of safety measures that will keep you and other riders safe. You'll have a safe and enjoyable vacation around Louisiana's capital city if you follow these tips. You'll also have more time to immerse yourself in the city's history, culture, and neighborhoods. The first Baton Rouge Critical Mass, conducted on September 30, 2009, had approximately 185 riders and was themed "Pirates vs. Ninjas." The event was captured on film, and it included a safe way to Whole Foods. A video of the event was posted on YouTube, and the number of participants is still growing. Organizers anticipate that future Critical Mass rides would draw a larger throng. Despite the recent surge in participation, the cycling ride will continue to be a big event. The